Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mastercam X7 is Here!

TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ is proud to announce that Mastercam X7 is released!

Stay with us!


  1. OH YEAH! It's releases such as this that make TEAM SSQ The Leaders in the SCENE!!! GREAT RELEASE GUYS!!

  2. humm! can get it to install even with driver singing turned off, when i execute the install.bat as admin, the cmd window prompts me to execute as admin and the cmd win quickly open and close and i get no message telling me that the peripheral was added.

    1. i have the same problem , did you find a solution?

    2. no unfortunatly still cant get it to work.

    3. also info that may be usefull:
      win7 64x
      i5 2500k
      8gig ddr3
      kingston 120ssd
      ati hd6970 2gb

    4. Also the same problem on Win 8 Pro (64-Bit), even turned off the drivers signature.
      Even i am facing it on Master CAM X6 and CamWorks 2012 and 2013.
      Kindly help me out through.
      I wanna run CamWorks 2013 and MasterCAM X7 on win 8 Pro.

    5. got it to work installing in safe mode, then to constantly have to boot with driver signing off like the instruction said, not much of a problem to do, but still an annoyance tried signing the driver wich is how i got it to install in safe mode, but it still wont allow to load without disabling driver signing, tried easybcd to force the disable signing feature, but it still wont load it.

    6. solution.:
      -install in win7 safe mode
      -reboot in win7 normal mode
      -download: http://www.ngohq.com/?page=dseo
      -execute dseo13b.exe as admin
      -enable test mode (this will enable win7 to run in test mode wich can lead to security risk as with anything bypassing windows security like disabling driver sig)
      -then ''sign system file''
      -point to driver file, it will need full path should be ''C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mcamvusb.sys''
      -start mastercamx7

      NB: test mode will add a small watermark in the lower right corner of you desktop saying:
      test mode
      windows 7
      build 7601

    7. Still can't get to work in W8... Wish it was as easy as MC4!! Didn't have to go through all the things you do in version MC7. Can anyone help with this?

  3. i cant register on rutracker !!! :'( error is username alllready taken, i have tried many names!!

  4. I already have everything installed including the sub thing
    i already checked the device manager

    "no mastercam x products enabled on the sim"
    how do i enable them? I have already run the reg files

  5. still could use help on the problem
    "no mastercam x products enabled on the sim"

  6. i disable driver signature enforcement on Win 8 than instal and its work but afetr rebot computer its give sim not found. its not working. how i can fix it

  7. Wow you guys of SSQ are pretty AWESOME, you´re the Best of the Scene.

    Thanks for this quality release :)

  8. Hello guys : thanks for your effort , I'm looking for the french version please ,

  9. Can I load post (made for me is not official)

  10. Hello guys, I installed mastercam x7 on my laptop with windows 7 and i get the .exe not valid! when i try to launch mastercam. I followed the instructions on SSQ crack folder. Please Help. Does anyone have any suggestions?