Friday, October 26, 2012

SolidCAM 2012 SP3 Multilanguage for SolidWorks 2009-2013 32/64bit is Here!

TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ is proud to announce that SolidCAM 2012 SP3 is released!

Stay with us!


  1. Hello solud Squad!! great team!
    Have you tried ssw activator with windows 8 64 bit? it doesn't seem to work...

  2. Nice! Works fine!
    But don´t have in portuguese :(

  3. Could you possibly fix the JS0GROUP.DLL for Windows 8 on CATIA V5R21 ?

  4. Could you possibly fix the JS0GROUP.DLL for Windows 8 on CATIA V5R21 ?

    PLEASE really need Catia working on windows 8

    1. ça crash genre "le programme a cessé de fonctionner" pour toi aussi?
      tu as résolue le problème?

  5. please please team really need Catia working on windows 8
    !! crash after lunch

  6. Yes please! Catia v5 r21 doesnt open un Windows 8 if cracked js0group.dll is in place. With the original it opens fine.

  7. yes please me too i really need it

  8. are you solved your problems with catia and windows 8? i still not.

  9. It doesnt work in windows 8 , can anyone help

  10. Hey Guys!!

    I successfully achieve to install an unsigned driver required for the emulator of the usb key on windows 8. I assume it would be the same in your problem. Follow this procedure:

    1. Windows Key + R
    2. Enter shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00
    3. Click the "OK" button
    4. You will now be on "Choose an option" screen
    5. Select "Troubleshoot"
    6. Select "Advanced options"
    7. Select "Windows Startup Settings"
    8. Click "Restart" button
    9. System will restart to "Advanced Boot Options" screen
    10. Select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" (number 7 on the list)
    11. Once the system starts, install the driver as you would on Windows 7

    Then, once the driver is installed, if you reboot without the above procedure, your driver will be blocked again. You should reboot every time with the "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" option for your driver to work.

    A better workaround is to permanently disable that signing bs by the following:

    Open a Command Prompt (Run as Administrator).

    On the command prompt type:

    Now type:


    This will make visible a "Test Mode" watermark that is easily removed with a 'watermark removal tool'

    Then for everything to work without a trouble, run the application as admin: dseo13b.exe and select the option "Sign a system file". Search your *.sys driver file from /windows/system32/drivers/

    Reboot one last time and that's it.

    Tested on Windows 8 Pro x64. Your computer will be in 'Test mode' from now on and you will be able to install any driver. As a recommendation use the 'watermark removal' as a final step.

    Hopefully will work for you.

  11. If you have SolidWorks, then just go File-->Properties. If not, right click on the icon for the file and go to properties. If it's locked, then there's no way to change it.


  12. Where are the links for download, that actually work?